"I'm with DEDE: Justice for Adjunct Teaching and Research Scientists at UCY"

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DEDE, the trade union representing adjunct teaching and research scientists at my home university, University of Cyprus declared a 48-hour strike for January 22nd. This is in response to the University’s bad faith and unwillingness to implement the agreement concluded between the trade union and the Rectorate last June, after almost two years of negotiations between the two.

Quoting excerpts from their press release:

DEDE is a pan-Cyprian trade union, representing academic PhD holders employed in irregular working positions. It has many members at the University of Cyprus, who cover a large part of the University’s constant and permanent needs in research and teaching with hourly and fixed term contracts. Our members receive very low wages and in the form of successive, yet interrupted, contracts. Their employment is subject to particularly precarious working conditions, without fundamental employment rights, such as maternity leave, medical coverage or 13th salary, and without academic rights, such as for example the right to be represented in the collegiate bodies of the university.

All attempts aimed at engaging in a democratic dialogue with the University authorities were futile. While our academic status should have been self-evident and acknowledged on the basis of our contribution to the quality work undertaken at the University of Cyprus in recent years, this, unfortunately, has not been the case. The University has refused to discuss core issues pertaining to our status, and failed to understand that precarious work conditions undermine the quality of research and teaching. The University must take action and address the rationalization of its human resources.

As a student at UCY who has benefited from the underpaid and undervalued expertise of adjunct academic staff, I am proud to stand in solidarity with them, and I fully support their demands.

Victory to DEDE!

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