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Sun 27 May 2018
[repub] The Data Union - A positive step in the wrong direction
Sun 18 March 2018
My personal XMPP server and some more self-hosting plans
Sat 13 January 2018
"I'm with DEDE: Justice for Adjunct Teaching and Research Scientists at UCY"
Sun 05 November 2017
Website expansion updates
Sun 01 October 2017
A GNU/Linux (XKB) layout for Cypriot Maronite Arabic - Version 1.0
Wed 20 September 2017
W3C tarnishes whatever legitimacy it still had - EFF resigns
Sat 12 August 2017
Gobby: collaborative editing in a LAN
Sat 01 July 2017
Computer-facilitated consensus revisited: Votebot
Wed 07 June 2017
Meaningful diff for LibreOffice files in version control
Wed 07 June 2017
Some thoughts on consensus-based online discussion forums
Tue 30 May 2017
Reviewing the Vikings RYF X200 Laptop
Sun 23 April 2017
Cyprus Undergrad Ling Conference - the schedule
Wed 29 March 2017
Are sign languages real languages?
Wed 29 March 2017
The senses of Cypriot Greek 'μάχουμαι': Initial Thoughts
Thu 09 March 2017
Cyprus Undergrad Ling Conference - Call for submissions
Mon 06 March 2017
Back online!
Sun 12 February 2017
Thank you for making computing in freedom possible! (I love Free Software Day)
Sat 28 January 2017
Life in a TTY
Mon 16 January 2017
A GNU/Linux (XKB) layout for Cypriot Maronite Arabic - design
Fri 28 October 2016
Syntactic Trees for Markdown - Part 1 (identifying the problem)
Sat 22 October 2016
Freedom Denied: When universities force students to surrender to Google
Sat 08 October 2016
Why text-mode browsers still matter
Fri 07 October 2016
Making this website a bit more W3C standards-compliant
Sat 01 October 2016
APA6 LaTeX template for the Linguistics student
Sat 17 September 2016
Two interesting legal challenges to Copyright in education
Sun 11 September 2016
Manipulating CSV files from the *nix shell